Betting mafia goes hyper active over lockdown rumours

Fri Apr 16 2021 17:35:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

With covid cases touching over 2 lakh for the second consecutive day, alarm bells are ringing across the country. In the last 24 hours, the number of cases registered stood at 2,17,353 and the deaths stood at 1185.  All this is spurring a furious debate on whether there would be another lockdown in the country.

Though the government has categorically said that there would be no second phase of lockdown, the buzz is refusing to die. The business and trade circles are debating whether there would a lockdown again.  Even in Telangana, the number of positive cases is rising alarmingly. As many as 3480 new cases have been recorded and nine deaths have been reported. GHMC, Medchal and Nizamabad are recording more cases than others.  Aid all this, the bookies and the betting rings have become active again. They are conducting betting on whether there would be another lockdown from May 2. There is a campaign on the social media claiming that there would be lockdown again.

The punters are betting on the date and the longevity of the lockdown. Huge amounts are being hedged for betting across the country. Though the police is keeping a close watch on the betting rings, the organized mafia is finding ever newer ways to conduct betting.