Bhuma Akhila Priya faces problems from within

Mon Sep 20 2021 09:00:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Troubles for Bhuma Akhila Priya are only mounting. Akhilapriya, who was a minister in Chandrababu government, has alienated some of the closest associates of her father, is now ending up alienating even close relatives. Her cousin Bhuma Kishore Reddy is now arch rival in Allagadda assembly constituency, considered the fiefdom of the Bhuma family.

Her father's brother's son Bhuma Kishore Reddy is now estranged from her and has joined the BJP. He has just launched a mass contact programme in Allagadda. Titled Palle Bata, it envisages reaching out to the villages. It began in Govindinne village of Dornipadu mandal and he is one a house-to-house contact. The problem for Akhilapriya is that her mobility is restricted due to her newborn. Also, she has a slew of cases against her. Her huband Bhargava Ram and brother Vikhyat are embroiled in cases and are evading the cops. As a result, she is fast losing touch with the constituency.

Meanwhile, Kishore, who joined the BJP is quite active. He is on a mass contact initiative and is trying to lure Bhuma supporters to his side. At the same time, one-time friend-turned-foe AV Subba Reddy's daughter Jaswanti Reddy too is quite active in the constituency. She too is trying to attract Bhuma supporters to her side.

The TDP workers in Allagadda constituency are now confused as whether they should back Akhila Priya or Kishore Reddy. Even the TDP leadership appears to have abandoned Akhila Priya as she had tried to rejoin the YSRCP. As of now Akhila Priya is neither here nor there .