Big Debate: Is RRR A Telugu Film Or Indian Film?

Mon Mar 13 2023 19:20:04 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

We all know the sensation RRR created. Though the SS Rajamouli's directorial was made in Telugu, it was released in multiple languages. Movie lovers across the nation loved the visual wonder and made the film a big hit. The multistarrer became one of the highest-earning films in the country.

Now RRR starring Ram Charan and NTR won the prestigious Oscars award. Indians started celebrating the big win. The big moment also started the debate on whether the film should be celebrated as a Telugu film or an Indian film.

Politicians and celebrities in Telugu states are feeling happy that a Telugu film won a global award and made the country proud. A Telugu song winning the Oscars award is the first time. However, others are seeing this as a win for an Indian film.

Celebrated Singer Adnan Sami who has been saying that RRR should be seen as an Indian film made his stand clear once again. After the Oscars win, AP CM Jagan said that the Telugu flag is flying high with the award. But the singer did not like this creating regional divides is not a good thing.

Both ideas are correct as far as the RRR's success is concerned. It is made in Telugu and the Telugu director, producer, and heroes are part of the film. So we can say that RRR is a Telugu film and Telugu people across the two states are feeling proud for placing the Telugu language on a big stage. Moreover, the song won an award for the Telugu version-Naatu Naatu.

On the other hand, RRR would have not reached a big stage. After the Hindi version was released on Netflix, RRR became a phenomenon among western audiences. Movie lovers in other languages owning the film is a big reason behind the RRR's success.

Indians are feeling proud of the big moment and Telugu fans are even happy about the heights Telugu cinema reached. At a global event, Rajamouli said, RRR is made in Telugu, an Indian language and it is not a Bollywood film. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with the tweet made by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Both Jagan and Adnan Sami have a valid point in their versions.