Big blow to Pawan Kalyan, Janasena losses 'glass tumbler' as a common symbol!

Sat Apr 17 2021 12:53:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana State Election Commission (TSEC) has issued orders that have shocked Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. Janasena party has lost the common symbol, the glass symbol.

In the orders, TSEC said, five political parties, including Janasena, cannot have lost the common symbol in Telangana and they cannot have the common symbols for at least till 2025.

The TSEC said five parties cannot have lost the common symbols on the grounds of not contesting at least 10 percent of the seats in any elections.

Janasena's decision to opt out of the GHMC elections to not affect BJP's winning chances has cost a big-time to the party by losing the glass symbol as the election symbol.

The  SEC's decision has come as a big blow for Janasena as the party is making required arrangements to contest the forthcoming Municipal Corporations in Khammam and Warangal regions.

In the letter, Janasena has requested the SEC to allocate the common symbol glass tumbler as a party symbol.

In reply to Janasena's request, TSEC said the party's arguments are not satisfactory and said glass tumbler cannot be allocated to the Janasena party. Till November 18, 2025, the party cannot apply for a new symbol, the SEC said.

Indian Praja Party (whistle), Marxist Community Party of India United (gas cylinder), Hindustan Janata Party (coconut farm), and India Praja Bandu Party (trumpet)  are the other parties that have lost the common symbol along with Janasena.