Bill Gates Opines That Work From Home Culture Might Continue Post COVID-19 too

Thu Sep 24 2020 11:43:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Following many companies granting Work from Home(WFH) for the employees with the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates opined that even after the COVD-19 pandemic ends, WFH culture will continue to prevail.

Bill Gates, who participated in an online business summit conducted by Economic Times spoke his heart out on the pros and cons about Work From Home culture which has now become a new normal

Bill Gates said that work from home has its share of challenges as working productively in homes gets difficult and believed that WFH has to improve when it comes to technology in order to attain sustainability.

He maintained that the world should learn lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and we should rethink the percentage of time to spend in offices once, the pandemic ends.

Bill Gates termed 2019 as an eye-opening year for him as he got more time in his hand and said that due to COVID-19 restrictions globally, he has not traveled this year.

The philanthropist hoped that the situation won't get even worse as the temperature is getting cold. He lauded the efforts put in by Premjis, Primals, Tatas, and other business families.

He added that China has failed miserably in revealing the data on the COVID-19 outbreak initially and the arguments to hold China responsible for the virus outbreak will lead to a waste of time.