Biotech expert explains how Narendra Modi failed in tackling Covid situation!

Fri May 07 2021 15:20:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Narendra Modi-led Union Government is batting a bling eye towards the Covid crisis in the country. Despite the situation reaching an alarming level, the Centre is not giving in the required effort to fight the crisis.

With no efforts in containing the virus spread, India is seeing the new Covid infections and fatalities daily in big numbers. From early April, there is no stopping for the virus spread in India.

The superpower nation United States, which feared the Corona spread during the first wave of Coronavirus, surprised the world by coming out of the virus. Compared to the other countries, the situation in the US is under control now.

Drawing comparisons between the United States and India in Covid impact, Shantha Biotech Founder, K Vara Prasad Reddy kept the blame on the politicians on the situations in India.

Mr. Reddy had come down severely on the politicians for giving more importance to the elections than the Covid crisis. He blamed the Modi government for holding election rallies in the poll-bound states. This in turn led to a crisis, he said.

Talking about the US, Mr. Reddy reminded how Donald Trump, who was serving as the US President then gave importance to fight against the Covid019 by granting a big amount to pharma companies that are manufacturing the vaccines for Covid.

The then US government ordered nearly double the number of doses than the country population from the pharma companies. With vaccine doses in stock, the US administration had vaccinated the public. A major share of the population was vaccinated against the virus.

Talking about India's situation,  Vara Prasad Reddy said, only two pharma companies are producing anti-Covid vaccines. He questioned how many vaccine doses did the government order from the pharma companies.

He found fault with the Centre for not sanctioning enough money to Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech that are manufacturing the vaccine doses. To vaccinate the country that has a vast population, the Centre ordered just four crore vaccine doses. Can the vaccination be done with fewer doses, he asked.