Bjp Gets Taste Of Its Own Medicine: 23 MLAs Skip Party Meet

Tue Jun 15 2021 13:16:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP is now getting a taste of its own medicine. It had weaned away Opposition MLAs in states like Goa, Manipur, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh to form governments despite not having the required numbers. Now, it is facing a similar situation in West Bengal, where the Trinamool Congress, which does not need BjP MLAs to form the government, is weaning away its MLAs.

On Monday, the BjP MLAs had planned to go to the Governor to explain about the atrocities on the BJP workers and supporters. All the MLAs were informed about it, but at the final count, there were only 50 MLAs. As many as 23 MLAs were found to be absent. This was a huge shock to the BJP. Interestingly, all these MLAs were former TMC members, who had joined the BJP ahead of the 2021 assembly elections. This also confirms the Trinamool claim that at least 25 BJP MLAs were in touch with it and would most likely join the TMC in the coming days. Recently BJP national vice-president Mukul Roy, who was a former TMC leader, had returned to the TMC. During the press meet, he said many more would soon join the TMC.

The BjP in West Bengal is now in confusion. Meanwhile, there are reports that all is not well between the original BJP workers and those who had joined the BJP at the time of the elections. The BjP loyalists feel that they had done all the sacrifices and the new comers want to enjoy all the fruits. Thus, the BjP in West Bengal is now in a quandary on how to face Mamta Banerjee in the coming days.