BJP Should Follow What It Is Preaching!

Thu Nov 11 2021 11:14:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The controversial farm bill introduced by the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and the decline in popularity of the NDA in the country go hand in hand. The controversy created by the three bills is the first blow to the Centre. After the farmers started protesting against the bills, several others joined the protest and the parties are also supporting their protest.

Demanding the centre to withdraw the bills, farmers in big numbers have started protesting at the border in the national capital Delhi. The agitation is all set to reach one year in a few days. Despite all this, the BJP is very firm on its decision and shows no sign of stepping back.

The BJP which is not showing any mercy on the farmers who are protesting at the borders is now shedding crocodile tears for the farmers and fighting against the state government for the interests of the farmers. The two contrasting stands of the party are surprising to everyone. It is not bothering about the farmers at the border but showing concern for the farmers in another state.

The Telangana wing of BJP which is riding high on the election win of Huzurabad by-election had launched a fresh attack on the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi(TRS). The saffron party is accusing the government of not giving enough effort to buy the paddy from the farmers.

The BJP under the leadership of Telangana state chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar had announced a protest against the Telangana government to see that the government buys the paddy from the farmers in the state. The demonstrations will be held on Thursday.

As part of the protests, the BJP leaders and activists will hold demonstrations in front of the Collector offices across the state. Through the protest, the BJP hopes that the TRS government purchases paddy from the farmers so that they won't face any problems.

Fighting for the interests of the farmers is a good thing. But the same party should also follow what it wants the other government to follow. Follow before you preach applies to the saffron party here. Let us hope the BJP looks into the farmers' protests at the border.