Black Sunday for Chandrababu

Mon Jan 27 2020 13:15:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's a case of triple whammy for Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday. It became very clear that the YSRCP government was determined to abolish the legislative council in Andhra Pradesh. This would mean that he would be losing his only weapon – the council with the help of which he can stall YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's plans. The YSRCP had clearly indicated that the Council would be abolished sooner than later. This meant, a host of his MLCs, including his son Lokesh, would suddenly become unemployed.

Second big shock to him was that several of his MLCs are ready to switch over to the YSRCP. This became very clear that six of his MLCs chose to abstain from the Telugu Desam Legislature Party meeting held on Sunday. The MLCs were Gali Saraswati, KE Prabhakar, Tippe Swamy, Satrucharla Vijayaramaraju, AS Ramakrishna and Samanthaka Mani. In addition, at least two MLAs have already voted against the TDP in the three capitals issue.

To add to it, thee was a third shock. The shock is that there was a very significant earthquake in the Krishna river. The region is very close to the capital area in Amaravati. The epicentre is in the Krishna river bed. The tremors were mostly felt in Suryapet, Nalgonda, Guntur and Krishna districts. This has in effect proved that the area selected for the capital of the city is precariously positioned due to high seismic activity. Chandrababu  Naidu was besieged on all sides and was finding it difficult to fend off the attack from all the three sides.