Donakonda...Where Is It?: Botsa Hits Back

Mon Sep 09 2019 18:12:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Botsa Satyanarayana has got the habit of slipping the tongue and becoming headache for the Government. During the Volkswagen episode, This Senior Leader gave an opportunity for the Opposition to attack by questioning what could Govt do when the money was lost. Recently, He made comments indicating Amaravati won't be the capital of Andhra Pradesh as its prone to floods.

The recent comments of Botsa Satyanarayana has really raised many eye-brows. He declared CM Jaganmohan Reddy scored 100 marks with his 100 Days rule. He assured all the promises made by TDP Government to AP Capital Farmers will be fulfilled. At the same time, The Minister maintained YCP Government would focus on developing all the districts apart from Amaravati. He stressed the need to maintain a right balance would be maintained when it comes to development and welfare.

When a mediaperson quizzed if AP Capital will be shifted to Donakonda, Botsa shot back: 'Donakonda? Where is it???'.

Actually, Buzz picked up that AP Capital might be shifted to Donakonda after Botsa commented that Amaravati isn't the safe location for capital. To everyone's surprise, The Minister claimed to be unaware of Donakonda location. Whether Botsa choose to end the rumours in that manner?