Boy Friend On Rent Facility In Bengaluru!

Tue Sep 27 2022 11:24:15 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Boyfriend on rent is a popular term in western nations. We hear a lot about the trend in western nations. But the trend forayed into the IT capital Bengaluru, which became a topic of discussion. A new start-up based in Bengaluru raised many eyebrows with a post on boyfriend on rent.

A few techies came together to start a start-up that offers boyfriends on rent on an hourly basis. Though boyfriends of girls' choice can be hired, there is a big twist here. The boyfriend who gets hired will not meet the girl physically. With the twist raising many doubts, the founders of the start-up gave a big explanation now.

The twist in the tale is the service offered by a start-up called ToYBoY portal. The founders say that the portal works in a way that, people going through mental issues and depression can get some relief through the suggestions and ideas the portal offers.

However, the start-up is not the first firm to offer such a service. The techies who set up the start-up are saying that their start-up is different from the rest and the portal not only listens to the problems of the girls but the portal also gives relief through suggestions.

Though people facing depression and other mental issues will get a small relief with these kinds of services and portals, there is also strong criticism towards the service. The techies are lashing out at the start-up.

The founders are saying that, keeping people dealing with relationship issues and mental issues the portal was designed. As there will be no one to talk to them and listen to their struggles, the portal fills the place, the founders say. A few techies got the idea of the start-up.

People are asking why can't the founders of the start-up cannot clearly mention that there is a twist in the service of a boyfriend on rent. What is the need to beat around the bush, they ask. For a lot of reasons, the start-up became a discussion topic in the state and we have to wait and see how the ruling party reacts to the start-up.

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