Hyd:brain Dead Victim Turns Saviour To Others Donates 7 Organs!

Wed Dec 08 2021 12:29:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A 23-year-old married woman who hails from Nalgonda had an unfortunate day by meeting with a brutal road mishap sustaining severe injuries. Her situation was so severe that the accident left her brain dead. Even the 72 hours long treatment provided by a team of doctors could not make her condition better.

With the condition not improving, the doctors declared her brain dead. The woman turned savior to others after seven of her organs including Kidneys, corneas, and Lungs were donated by the family members of the 23-year-old. The donated organs were shifted to the transportation centers to follow the described procedure.

The doctors and the counselors spoke to the family members of the 23-year-old woman and how her organs can save the lives of others through donation. Thanks to their counseling session, the family members agreed to the organ donation and gave their nod for the process.

After getting the approval from the family, the doctors have carefully retrieved kidneys, liver, two lungs, and two corneas from the patient enabling the patients who are in dire need of them to get another chance to live. The procedure was followed by the surgeons at the popular private hospital.

Going into details, victim Aerukonda Ashwini who is a housewife was going on a two-wheeler along with her husband Sreenu and their 9-month-old baby when the accident took place on the 2nd of this month. While the victim’s husband and baby escaped the accident without sustaining any injuries. The accident is said to have happened when the bike skid after losing control.

Sadly, 23-year-old Aerukonda Ashwini sustained serious injuries. She was immediately rushed to the Care Hospitals facility at Hyderabad's Nampally. Ashwini was treated by the surgeons at the Intensive care unit(ICU) facility. 72 hours of treatment was given to the victim and sadly the treatment could not save her.

Her husband Sreenu works as a police constable at the Begum Bazar Police Station. He and his parents have agreed to donate seven organs under the Jeevandan organ donation, the noble scheme that aims at providing a bridge between organ donors and organ receivers.