Brutal Death In Delhi, Body Parts Stored In Refrigerator!

Mon Nov 28 2022 15:18:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that the sensational Shraddha Walkar murder case came to light recently. As the alleged brutal death was unearthed in the national capital Delhi it caught everyone's attention and people still could not digest the brutality involved in the case and the way the accused killed the victim.

While the case is still in the news the Delhi Cops unearthed another spine-chilling case. Shockingly the recent case shares a similarity with Shraddha's death case as the victim was chopped and body parts were disposed of in the nearby locality days after the death.

Going into details, the Delhi Police found a few human remains in May and started digging deeper into the case. The Head and hands of a person were found at Trilokpuri Area in the East Delhi region. The investigation has been going on for months and the cops made a big breakthrough now.

The Delhi Police said that the person whose body parts were found was identified as Anjan Das. The shocking fact is that the people who killed and chopped him are none other than his wife and son. Based on the CCTV footage and the initial investigation the cops said Poonam, Anjan Das's wife, and Deepak, his son are the killers.

While people are surprised to know that his wife and son killed and chopped Anjan Das. The reason that forced them to go for the shocking decision is equally surprising. Reports say that the victim had many illicit relationships with other women. Despite his wife warning him he did not change his path.

Anjan Das is said to have been misbehaving with Deepak's wife. Got vexed with his behavior, and the victim's wife and husband killed and chopped him. It is also said that the body parts were stored in the refrigerator in their house.

After storing the body parts in the fridge the two accused disposed of them at a nearby location. It is said that the body parts were dumped near the Ramlila ground in the Pandav Nagar area. The investigation which lasted for six months ended up with the arrest of two suspects.