CM Jagan About Controversial GO 2430

Thu Dec 12 2019 18:43:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

On the fourth day of the winter sessions of the AP Assembly, the house debated on the controversial GO 2430 which grants permission to sue the media. This order witnessed a strong backlash from the opposition stating that it will kill the democracy and freedom of the press.  

Squashing the criticism by the opposition CM Jagan said the government has 'a democratic right to protect its image.'

"I wonder if he(Naidu) has even read the order. Maybe he read it and still did not understand it, because of a failure in understanding the English language," Jagan said.

"What is so wrong in this order? If anyone, anywhere carries false, baseless and defamatory news in an unfair manner with malafide intent, the concerned department secretaries have the power to issue rejoinders, file complaints, and also lodge appropriate cases if need be through a public prosecutor after knowing due process of law. The secretaries can take actions if their own image, and their department's and the government's image is tarnished," he observed.

"Just because he is close to Eenadu and Andhrajyothi, and they write articles in his support, the government must keep quiet, lying down? Is there no justice? Justice means, if someone writes something false about me, I have the right to protect my image. It's a democratic right and freedom. With that right, I can give rejoinders and file defamation cases, " he added.