PM Modi Video Conference: CM Jagan Requested Help In Improving Medical Facilities

Tue Aug 11 2020 15:27:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who took part in a video conference chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with CMs of the states to discuss the situation urged PM to lend a helping hand in improving the medical facilities in the state.

Jagan maintained that when compared to fellow states, AP doesn’t have big cities and better medical facilities and requested PM Modi to look into this.

At the video conference, CM Jagan listed out the measures and precautions taken by the state government to contain the virus and said so far more than 25 lakh pandemic tests were carried out.

Jagan told PM Modi that the state is focusing mainly on the clusters and more than 85 percent pandemic tests were carried out in these areas so that the virus is not spread further.

Talking about the percentage of the pandemic tests,  for every 10 lakh people, 47,459 pandemic tests were carried out, and all the measures and taken in this regard.

CM Jagan lauded the services rendered by the 2 lakh volunteers during the tough times and 138 private and state-run hospitals were transformed as dedicated pandemic hospitals, These hospitals count for more than 56,000 beds.