KCR Mocks JP, Lok Satta Challenges TRS Govt!

Thu Aug 08 2019 14:14:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jayaprakash Narayan expressed concern over the electricity bill of Kaleshwaram Project. Even other Intellectuals and Political Analysts wondered if the lift-irrigation project costs Rs 10,000 per year. However, Telangana CM didn't take the criticism in the right way. KCR questioned, 'What does Jayaprakash Narayan know about Kaleshwaram and other Irrigation Projects in Telangana? He was the one who opposed Statehood. These self-proclaimed intellectuals have been making a hue & cry over electricity bill of Kaleshwaram Project. It's going to be Rs 5,000 per year as per our estimates. We are ready to bear even if it's Rs 15,000 crore per year as it provides Irrigation Facility for 45 lakh acres'.

Lok Satta responded seriously over the disrespectful comments made by the Telangana CM. The Party recalled Jayaparakash Narayan appreciating TRS Govt for restoring peace in Hyderabad post bifurcation and Introducing Municipal Bill. Here is the statement from Lok Satta: 'Jayaprakash Narayan was vocal about every issue related to Telangana. He underwent training in Karimnagar District and stayed in Kaleshwaram for a month 38-Years-Ago. KCR himself backed JP's assessment on Chevella-Pranahita Project. JP was the only leader who spoke about facts during All-Party Meeting on 14F. Either JP or Lok Satta won't target any individual...It's always been an issue-based'.

Lok Satta advised TRS Government to be open for constructive criticism while mentioning personal remarks won't yield positive results. A challenge was thrown asking State Government to be ready for an open debate on Kaleshwaram Project if the criticism isn't wrong.