What Stopped KCR's Huzurnagar Election Meeting?

Thu Oct 17 2019 17:05:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana CM KCR may not be able to campaign in Huzurnagar. His public meeting in Huzurnagar had to be cancelled. No .... it's not because of the Congress conspiracies or BJP machinations. The meeting had to be cancelled because of the weather. Unceasing downpour has turned the venue of the public meeting into a marshy land and the people could not even stand in the ground. Yes... rain played spoilsport.

The TRS mobilised massive crowds for the meeting and given KCR's charisma, crowds came long before the actual start of the meeting. Every arrangement was made and senior TRS leaders, including Ministers Jagadish Reddy and Satyavathy Rathod inspected the venue much in advance. But, from afternoon, heavy rain lashed the town. Due to which the people who gathered at the grounds, ran helter skelter. For over an hour the rain continued and it was not possible to hold the meeting.

Finally, the TRS leaders had decided to cancel the meeting. Huzurnagar is going to polls on October 21 and the campaign would end on October 19. With just two days to go, it i doubtful whether KCR will campaign again in Huzurnagar.