CM's over enthusiasm lands Priyanka Vadra in trouble

Mon Jan 10 2022 18:02:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Congress sycophancy is legion and everyone knows how Congress chief ministers kowtow to the party's High Command. The CMs are mere puppets that dance to the tune that the high command calls. Those who rebelled formed regional parties and prospered thereafter. There are many examples starting from Sharad Pawar to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But the problem is most Congress CMs still flaunt their servitude unabashedly.Take the case of Punjab's Chief Minister Charanjeet Singh Channi. He is now on the dock for the monumental security failure involving no less a person than the Prime Minister of the country himself. The PM was stranded on the road for over 15 minutes in Punjab the other day.

While defending himself, he outlined the security guidelines that his government followed. So far so good. But he said that he was continuously briefing Priyanka Gandhi about the PM's security. Now, what has Priyanka got to do with the PM's security and why should she be kept informed about it. Priyanka holds no constitutional post and she is in no way connected to the PM's security.

The BjP has taken up this issue and has asked Channi to explain why he was briefing Priyanka about the security of the PM. He sought to know how Priyanka was involved in all this. Channi's over enthusiasm to look subservient to the Gandhi/Vadra family has now landed the Congress Party's first family in trouble.