CPI Narayana takes BJP Route in Opposing Bigg Boss!

Sat Sep 11 2021 12:33:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Joining the lines of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on criticizing one of the famous reality shows on the Telugu small screen, Bigg Boss, CPI national general secretary Narayana breathed fire on the reality show and the makers of the Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5.

CPI Narayana had released a video on Bigg Boss and opined that airing such shows on televisions will impact the traditions of the society and the shows spoil the traditions of the society. What's the need in airing such shows that spoon the traditions, he questioned.

Placing a demand for the cancellation of the Bigg Boss show immediately, Narayana wondered how come the governments in the state and the Centre are permitting the airing of the shows that spoil the traditions of the society. Narayana's statements on the Bigg Boss season had surprised everyone.

Talking about the efforts made by him to stop the Bigg Boss from getting telecasted, CPI Narayana said he had moved the courts by filing the petitions, but the petitions did not help in stopping the show from the telecast. The state governments should come forward to see that the show is not telecasted.

Narayana, who hails from a Communist party background has contrasting thinking to that of the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP). But Narayana took the BJP route in opposing the Bigg Boss show, which had surprised everyone. On top of that, citing the reason of traditions and morals is a surprise element in the new row.

Usually, it's the BJP leaders who raise their voices for safeguarding the traditions and morals of society. The saffron leaders often indulge in moral policing for others especially for women on their dress and behavior. This is the reason why the BJP leaders and the feminists and women organisations will be at loggerheads.

This is not the first time, CPI Narayana lashed out at the Bigg Boss show. Narayana had breathed fire on the reality show during the previous show. He alleged that Nagarjuna disrespected the woman with the show and sought a ban on the reality show. Such shows should be banned from getting telecasted, he said.