CPI Changes Its Stance Once Again On Huzurnagar Poll

Wed Oct 09 2019 19:12:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mirroring the massive confusion among the Left Parties, the CPI has again changed its stance on who it is going to support in the Huzurnagar bypoll. The party, which was part of the Maha Kutami of the Congress in Lok Sabha elections, has announced that it would go with the TRS in Huzurnagar bypoll. But, now the latest news is that the CPI has once again changed its stance. Now, it has said that it will reconsider its decision to support the TRS. The reason? The CPI says it is doing so because of the TRS government's attitude towards the RTC strike.

The change of stance came at an all-party meeting organised by the RTC unions, where both the Left parties and the Telangana Jana Samithi of Prof Kodandaram were also present. The CPI quickly changed its stance and became pro-worker. Party general secretary Chada Venkat Reddy had said that his party would reconsider its decision to support the TRS. In fact, it was he who supported the TRS when the TRS leaders came and met him. The same man has said both the things.

This shows the utter confusion in the Communist Party's rank and file. The leaders are confused and they have left the party workers and supporters even more confused. Which side is the CPI on? Is it with the TRS or with the Congress or with the workers of the RTC or with nobody?