Cabin Crew Must Wear Undergarments Say Airlines!

Fri Sep 30 2022 12:18:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The cabin crew of international airlines suffered a big shock after they were reportedly directed to follow a certain style while dressing up at work. The aircrew was asked to follow the new rule on the dress code without fail and warned of action if not followed, media reports said.

The national flag carrier in Pakistan, the Pakistan International Airlines(PIA) is believed to have issued new instructions for the crew that proper attire should be worn and the crew should also wear undergarments. The General Manager of the airline is said to have issued the new guidelines for the air hostesses.

As Pakistan International Airlines is a state-run airline, the government is said to have issued guidelines to make sure that they wear formal dress along with undergarments. It is said that the airlines might have received complaints about the attire of the aircrew.

The Managing Director of Pakistan International Airlines reportedly said that the current attire worn by the cabin crew is not leaving a good impression on the passengers and they are getting a negative image of the airline and that’s why the new guidelines on the dress style were issued for the aircrew.

Both men and women crew members were also asked to follow the given guidelines as far as the work attire is concerned. The crew members suffered a big shock from the new guidelines. Not just giving the guidelines, the Airlines also directed the concerned authorities to see that the aircrew members follow the dressing style.

The cabin crew will be checked by the grooming officials if they are dressed appropriately or not. If the crew failed to follow the guidelines, they will be slapped with severe action as per the reports. The Airlines feel that at least with the fear of action, they will follow the guidelines.

However, it is said that the new guidelines were issued by the Airlines as damage control. Recently, Pakistan Airlines was in the news after a passenger created a ruckus by trying to break the glass of the seat and had a fight over offering Namaj inside the air carrier.

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