Cabinet Minister Proves How Situation Changes People!

Mon Jan 16 2023 12:35:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

We have seen how Telangana leaders made some objectionable comments about the Andhra people when the Telangana movement was at its peak. From the founder chief of TRS(Now BRS) KCR to many leaders they criticised the tradition, language, and food of Andhra. They even went a few steps ahead and compared the Andhra people to the British labeling them as immigrant rulers.

When the Covid outbreak was severe, Ambulances coming from Andhra were stopped at the Telangana border and sent back. Very often we hear comments that Telangana is hindering Andhra's interests by generating power in Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam projects. Even the Polavaram project is facing a lot of issues.

A lot of objections are coming from Telangana for Polavaram that Bhadrachalam town might get affected along with other low-lying villages in Telangana. Telangana government is yet to clear the power dues of around Rs 6,000 crores and the assets that are meant to be given to Andhra.

But the version of BRS leaders has changed now. Many say that the leaders are now talking positively towards Andhra people going by their needs. As the BRS wants to spread the party across the nation the party leaders are now showing love for Andhra People suddenly.

Amid this Telangana Minister Srinivas Goud who recently visited the Vijayawada temple made some shocking comments. The Cabinet Minister said that though states were divided people are living together without any issues.

Recalling the combined Andhra Pradesh days the Minister said that people stayed as one and the Telangana state was divided as per the will and fight of the Telangana people. Despite the state bifurcation people are living happily with each other.

The same Srinivas Goud was the leader of the Employees union when the Telangana movement was going on aggressively. There are allegations on the leader that he made some hateful comments back then.

But things have changed; BRS needs votes in Andhra Pradesh. Following this, his version has changed. He said that people are living as brothers. Giving this as an example, netizens are making jokes on special media that in the coming days we might see BRS leaders showering love on the Andhra people.