Caged pallapitta in Pragathi Bhavan: Violation of Wildlife Act?

Fri Oct 07 2022 13:46:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Did the chief minister of Telangana, KCR, flout the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 on the auspicious Vijaya Dasami Day? Environmentalists and ornithologists say he did. They say the chief minister and his family have had a 'darshan' of the auspicious bird which was caged. The staff brought a bird, which was caged, to enable KCR and his family members have a darshan.

Catching a glimpse of a rare forest bird Indian Roller on Vijaya Dashami day is considered auspicious. In fact, this is considered a religious duty of the festival day. Known as Palapitta in Telugu, this bird inhabits deep forest areas and usually, the devout go deep into the forest for the auspicious bird-sighting. Often, local bird-catchers cage this forest bird and charge money to show it to those who want to see the bird on Dasara day.

 Photographs of the CM and his family members looking at a caged Palapitta have been uploaded on the social media. However, this is violative of the provisions of the Wildlife Act. The bird is an endangered bird and is included in the list of endangered birds and animals under Section 1 to Section 4 of the act.

According to the act, caging, harassing, killing or maiming these animals and birds is a punishable crime. Actor Salman Khan faced problems after he killed a black buck in Rajasthan. The provisions of this act were invoked against him. Who is responsible for this violation? Will there be action against those who caged the endangered bird?