California Reports Shocking Gun Violence Incident Yet Again!

Sun Jan 29 2023 10:49:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The land of opportunities America is a superpower nation and enjoys a strong position among other countries. This is the reason why America is called Big Brother. When other countries face issues or troubles, America steps in to lend a helping hand. This speaks volumes about the space America enjoys.

Despite all these, America has been suffering from the long-time issue of growing gun violence. As getting a gun license is an easy process in America, the majority of people have guns and rifles, and they create a ruckus. We have heard these sorts of stories at regular intervals.

Gun violence continues to ring dangerous bells for the nation. Yet again, a horrific incident was reported from America. Los Angeles reported a spine-chilling mass shooting that left as many as three people dead and four others with serious injuries. The shocking incident marks the sixth shooting incident in California alone.

As per the media reports, the shooting happened in Beverly Crest, close to the Los Angeles neighborhood, on the morning of Saturday. The concerned cops were informed about this, and they reached the spot.

The eyewitnesses say that a person started firing at people. While four people were outside a vehicle, three people reportedly stayed inside the vehicle. As the three victims could not come out of the vehicle, they passed away with bullet wounds. The four injured were rushed to the hospital facility for further treatment.

Treatment is underway for the victim. However, the police department did not reveal the identities of the victims yet. The exercise of gathering the details is going on, and the cops are expected to reveal the details soon.

Los Angeles has been facing such incidents of late. It has to be mentioned here that, last week, a shocking gun shooting incident was reported. After the firing started at a dance hall in Los Angeles, not less than 11 people passed away. The incident also resulted in nine victims sustain injuries. Another incident saw seven victims dead and one person injured. Another spine-chilling incident was reported, adding more concerns. The investigation is going on, and further details are awaited.