Can Poland Missile Attack Place NATO Nations Against Russia?

Wed Nov 16 2022 17:38:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The superpower nation Russia is having an advantage against the European nation Ukraine. The war between the two nations has been going on for a few months now. Many expected that the war would be finished in a few weeks given the advantage Russia has with a bigger military force.

Now the Russia-Ukraine war might see NATO forces stepping in as there are a few doubts that Russia might have launched a missile attack on Poland. A missile hit Poland recently claiming two lives. The alleged attack from Russia outside Ukraine became a big concern for many nations.

Post the Poland missile attack, the representatives of the NATO nations gathered together for a key meeting on how to deal with the issue. As Poland is a member nation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) body attack on Poland is nothing but an attack on its and NATO might step in.

Despite the Russia-Ukraine war going on aggressively, the NATO forces did not step in directly to bring the situation under control. But the ongoing developments hint that we might see that happen with the recent Polan attack.

Though there are a few doubts about Russia in the alleged missile attack in Poland there is no concrete evidence to prove this. Poland's ambassador and Ukraine are alleging that the missiles are from Russia and that the superpower nation is behind this.

If this gets proven then the NATO nations might take on Russia. A bunch of big countries locking horns with superpower nation Russia is nothing sort of a world war and we might even see a third world war as per the analysts.

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