Candidates with symbols resembling car, lotus enter Huzurabad election battle

Mon Oct 11 2021 18:38:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Huzurabad bypolls are the toast of the season. Everyone is talking about it and each party is trying its best to outwit the other. For both the TRS and the BJP, this is a do-or-die battle. The future course of these two parties depends on the outcome of these elections.

After having four candidates with names that sound very much like BJP candidate Eatala Rajender, there another challenge that Eatala is facing. Both the TRS as well as the BJP candidates have rivals with symbols that resemble their respective symbols. Though the TRS has got symbols like bus, road roller, autorickshaw, iron box, bus and lorry, which are very similar to its car symbol, removed from the list of free symbols, there are symbols like roti belan, chapathi roller and others in the list of free symbols.  Some independents have asked the EC to allot these symbols.

Similarly, there are symbols like cauliflower and pineapple in the list of the free symbols. These symbols can be easily confused with the lotus symbol of the BJP. Two candidates who goes by the name E Rajender have asked for cauliflower and pineapple. This move seems to be aimed at cutting into the BJP votes.

The last date for the withdrawal of the nominations is October 13. It remains to be seen how many of these candidates are in the fray and how many confusing symbols would be used by the independents.The final picture will emerge after October 13.