Can't Influence My Dad: Kavitha On No Women In Cabinet

Sat Feb 23 2019 11:56:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

The only criticism bothering TRS Leaders & Workers since 2014 is the lack of representation for Women, who account for almost 50 percent of the total population, in the State Cabinet. For some reason, KCR never preferred having at least a single Woman Member in his cabinet till date.

When quizzed about the denial of cabinet berths for any of the four TRS Women MLAs during a recent Summit, Nizamabad MP Kavitha admitted she is unable to either change the mindset of her Father or capable of influencing him. She didn't mind saying that even those parties who were making a hue & cry over it aren't doing justice to the Women as per population ratio. 'Be it any party, There is no proper representation for Women. Only 4 out of 90 TRS MLAs are Women. Being a Junior Member of the party, I can't influence someone with over 30 years of political experience,' she admits.

People wondered how could Kavitha make such comments being the Daughter of a Chief Minister. In one of her previous interviews, Kavitha claimed she have the luxury of speaking her mind in the presence of KCR because of the Daughter-connect. Then, Can't she have a word with her Father about Women Representation in TRS Cabinet? At least, Kavitha should have revealed the view point of KCR behind denial of cabinet berths to Women Leaders of the party.