Can't Procure parboiled rice in rabi season Piyush Goyal

Fri Dec 03 2021 15:10:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Taking the paddy procurement as a prestigious issue, the ruling party TRS is going all guns open against the Union Government. To highlight the burning issue of the farmers in Telangana, TRS MPs have been protesting in the Parliament demanding a clear response from the Centre. Friday too, the house witnessed a similar scene.

Going by the party stand, TRS floor leader Nama Nageswara Rao urged the Union Government to give clarity on procurement and asked whether the Centre wants to procure paddy or not. We have been protesting for the interests of the farmers for the past few days. But the Centre is not saying anything, he said in the house.

Replying to the TRS MP's question, Leader of the house Piyush Goyal who holds multiple portfolios made it clear that there is no chance for the procurement of parboiled rice in the rabi season. The Centre has been increasing the amount of paddy procurement, he said.

Having given clarity on the parboiled rice procurement, Food and Public Distribution Minister Piyush Goyal also said that the Centre will take a call on procuring paddy in the Kharif season.

The Union Cabinet Minister also slammed the TRS government and accused the party of politicising the issue despite the Union government increasing the procurement amount. The volume will increase this year too. But politicising the issue is not appreciable, he said.

TRS and BJP have been embroiled in an intense war of words concerning the issue. Both parties started a blame game on the matter creating more confusion. While the TRS government is demanding the Union government to procure paddy from the state, the Telangana wing of Bharatiya Janata Party is demanding the TRS to procure paddy from the farmers.

Taking forward their fight, the TRS MPs are protesting in the house. To seek a chance for the debate on the issue, the TRS is giving an adjournment motion to the speaker of the house. Not one or twice, the TRS gave the motion for four times that too on consecutive days. However, except for the adjournment of the house, no debate is taking place.