Miracle: Centenarian in Hyderabad recovers from Covid

Thu May 13 2021 10:38:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Compared to the first wave of novel Coronavirus, India is seeing more and more people getting infected with the deadly virus in the ongoing second wave. Irrespective of age youth people and old people are catching the virus.

At a time when young people are finding it difficult to recover from the respiratory disease, a 110-year-old man has successfully recovered from the virus. Doctors believe that he could be one of the oldest patients who have recovered from the virus.

Going into detail, a 110-year-old man, Ramananda Teertha, got himself admitted to the state-run Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad earlier in April after he developed mild symptoms of the virus. The old man also complained of low saturation levels.

After undergoing treatment at the hospital, it is said that Ramananda Teertha has recovered from the deadly virus. Ramananda's saturation levels have also gone up, the doctors said.

Doctors at the Gandhi Hospital, said that Ramananda has recovered from the virus and tested negative for Covid. However, he will be kept at the general ward under the doctor's observation for a few more days as a safety measure, the doctors said.

Talking about the old man recovering from the virus, the doctors believe that not having comorbidities might helped him in beating the virus. Coming to his family, he is a single man who has no one to look after and stays at an ashram located in the Keesara area.