Centre bans 8 YouTube channels for anti-India content

Thu Aug 18 2022 13:25:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a major decision aimed at curbing anti-India content that has the potential to incite communal tensions in the country, the Central Government's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has banned eight YouTube channels, one Facebook account and two facebook posts. The ban was imposed under the relevant sections of the IT Rules 2021.

Quite significantly, the blocked YouTube channels have a combined viewership of 114 crore and have over 85 lakh subscribers. The Government said that these YouTube channels were using the images of popular anchors working for other channels and are peddling objectionable content with sensational and outlandish headlines. The reports falsely claim that the Modi government has banned Muslim festivals and ordered demolition of religious structures.

The content was also inimical to India's international and diplomatic  interests. Several videos were considered dangerous as they have the potential to affect India's relations with foreign countries. The content was also found to be anti-India in nature. While one of the channels is of Pakistani origin, the remaining operate from India.

It may be recalled that the government of India has already blocked about 102 YouTube channels for anti-India content. The ban has been imposed based on section 69 of the IT act 2001. Several YouTube channels were found to be peddling sensational content that could affect peace and public order in the society.