Visa And Travel Restrictions Relaxed In India

Wed Jun 03 2020 18:50:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Following the fifth phase of nationwide lockout started from the 1st of June the Centre gave some relaxations and travel restrictions for some categories of passengers coming from foreign nations.

As the new relaxations Centre permitted Foreign Healthcare professionals, health researchers, engineers, and technicians for technical work at Indian health sector facilities to visit India.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said that Foreign Engineering, Managerial, Design, or other Specialists traveling to India on behalf of foreign business entities located in India will also be permitted to come to India.

As part of the latest relaxations announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre, Foreign Technical specialists, and engineers travelling for installation, repair, and maintenance of foreign origin machinery and equipment facilities in India will be allowed to enter India.

On the other hand, foreign businessmen can come to India in non scheduled commercial and special charted flights on Business Visa other than B-3 visas for sports.