Centre's hubris in declaring premature victory placed India in dangerous situation: Rahul Gandhi

Fri May 07 2021 13:52:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

When India has been going through a rough phase with the deadly outbreak of the second wave of the novel Coronavirus, former Congress chief, Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the letter, the Gandhi scion had appealed to the Prime Minister to focus on tracing the Coronavirus and its mutations scientifically, warning that not checking the virus will allow it to spread further.

Shedding light on the size of the population India has, Rahul Gandhi said that unless the union government does something to stop the virus, nothing will change in the country. He called the double and triple mutant strains as the beginning.

The Wayanad MP has credited the lack of clear vaccination strategy of the Centre and the grave mistake of the Centre to declare premature victory to the current situation in the country.

He stressed the importance of focusing on three issues. One is the virus and its mutations should be scientifically tracked with genome sequencing. Assessing the efficiency of the vaccines against the mutations and vaccinating the population in the country are the two other points raised by Rahul Gandhi.

"India is home to one out of every six human beings... pandemic has demonstrated that our size, genetic diversity and complexity make India a fertile ground for the virus to rapidly mutate, transforming itself into a more contagious and more dangerous form," Rahul Gandhi said in his letter.

India is facing the wrath of the second wave of the Coronavirus as the country is reporting more than four lakh news cases and nearly fourth thousand fresh Covid-19 deaths.