Centre issues guidelines to vaccinate those who want to travel abroad for academic and job purposes!

Tue Jun 08 2021 16:04:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

The other day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen and announced that all the individuals above 18 across the nation would be vaccinated against Covid-19 and the Centre would supply the vaccines.

In the guidelines issued by the Centre, the government directed the States/ Union Territories to vaccinate the beneficiaries that fall under the category of priority, students going abroad for studies and jobs.

The Union Ministry of Health& Family in the directives have asked the states to permit the vaccination of the second dose of Covishield, for those who have taken the first dose besides those who were shelled to travel abroad below the gap of 84 days between the doses.

“With the receipt of several representations for allowing administration of dose of Covishield for such persons who have only taken first dose of Covishield and are seeking to undertake international travel for educational purposes or employment opportunities or for participation in India’s Contingent for Tokyo Olympic games, but whose planned travel dates fall prior to completion of the currently mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date of first dose, the issue was discussed in Empowered Group 5 (EG-5) and appropriate recommendations have been received in this context,” the press release reads.

The centre had also asked the States and UTs to constitute a competent authority in all the districts so that they can keep a vigil on whether a gap of 28 days is maintained between two doses for those who are scheduled to travel. The authority will also check whether the purpose of travel is genuine or not.

In addition to that, the authority would also issue a certificate that will link the vaccination certificate with the passport number, so that they won’t face any issues while traveling abroad.