Centre sends ventilators, Telangana govt doesn't use them

Tue May 11 2021 16:15:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ventilators sent to the State Government from the PM Cares Fund are lying unused in Telangana. In view of the medical crisis caused by the spike in Covid 19 cases, the Central Government has sent many ventilators to all the states to treat the Covid patients.

However, in most government hospitals in Telangana, the ventilators are gathering dust and are lying unused. The reason? The State Government does not have enough bio-engineers to undertake minor repairs to these ventilators. These are minor repairs and could be done very easily. But, lack of qualified bio-engineering staff is hindering their usage. The state government does not have a bio-medical engineering wing attached to the health department, say doctors. As of now, the State Government is requisitioning the services of a contractor dealing with bio medical engineering. However, the contractors have stopped repairing as the government has paid their arrears for a long time.

Even in Telangana institute of Medical Sciences, as many as 250 ventilators are lying uninstalled. They are not being used now and lying waste. The doctors at the TIMS are mostly prescribing medicines to the patients and are sending them back. Serious cases are being referred to private hospitals.