Chandrababu Doesnt Care Ys Jagan

Tue Jul 13 2021 12:41:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every good thing has to end. It appears the illustrious political career of one of the longest serving politicians – Ganta Srinivasa Rao – too is hitting a dead-end. His options are diminishing by each passing day. Today, no party seems to want him anymore.

Ganta, who began his political career way back in1999, has not tasted defeat so far. Despite the anti-TDP wave, he managed to scrape through in the 2019 elections. Not just that. He was a minister for seven long years. But, now things appear to be changing for the worse. For the past one year, Ganta has been unusually silent. He has not met the media or has not done anything big bang. Nobody seems to know what he is doing.

Sources say that he may not contest the 2024 elections. There are rumours that Nara Lokesh will contest from Bhimili North in 2024.  This means Ganta will be left without a constituency in 2024. In fact, Chandrababu had asked him to contest for the Lok Sabha in 2019 elections. But, this time around, even that seems to be a remote possibility.

Ganta's biggest problem is not Lokesh planning to contest from Bhimili. The real problem is that Lokesh and Chandrababu are giving more importance to Ganta's arch rival Ayyanna Patrudu, former MP MVVS Murthy's son Bharat and Kidari Sravan. This is not to the liking of Ganta. He surely knows that he needs Lokesh Babu's patronage to rise in the TDP.

Many of Ganta's close associates and followers have already joined the YSRCP. However, he is not able to gain entrance into the YSRCP. Though he had made several attempts to sneak into the YSRCP, people of the statue of Vijaysai Reddy  are opposed to his entry into the party. So, the issue has been lying pending for the past two years.

Sources say that he would be close to 64 by 2024 elections. Hence 2024 elections would be the last big chance for Ganta in politics. Let’s wait and see if this would be the last chance or lost chance for this plucky surviver.