Chandrababu Goes To Everyone, While Everyone Calls Up YS Jagan

Tue May 21 2019 23:02:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The exit polls appear to be changing political equations like never before. Though Chandrababu went over to Sharad Pawar and held discussions twice before the exit poll, Sharad Pawar chose to telephone only YS Jagan and not Chandrababu after the exit polls. With exit polls predicting a YSRCP landslide in Andhra Pradesh both in the assembly and in the Lok Sabha elections, even the Congress wants to open a channel to Jagan and asked Sharad Pawar to play mediator. Though Chandrababu is going to different places to "unite" the opposition, the Opposition leaders are trying to get in touch with Jagan. With Jagan touted to get around 20 of the 25 MP seats, he would emerge as a key player in Delhi politics. So, every party is trying to cozy up to him. Interestingly, despite his pro-active airdashes to various state capital, Chandrababu's stock appears to have gone down after exit polls predicted that he is on his way out in AP.

YS Jagan is keeping his cards close to his chest and is not revealing his mind. Insiders say that the YSRCP chief will take a call only after May 23, when the results are finally out.