TDP MLA & MP Candidates In Nellore District

Sat Feb 09 2019 16:22:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP Leadership seems to have already finalised its MLA and MP Candidates in Nellore District. Here is list being circulated by Media - Bommireddy Raghavendra Reddy for Nellore Lok Sabha Constituency, Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy for Sarvepalli, Aadala Prabhakar Reddy for Nellore Rural, Narayana for Nellore Urban, Bollineni Krishnaiah for Athmakuru and Beda Masthan Rao for Kavali.

Actually, Bommireddy Raghavendra Reddy aspired for YCP Athmakuru Ticket. He, however, moved to TDP as there is no such possibility in the main opposition. As Bollineni Krishnaiah was finalised as TDP Athmakuru Candidate, Party Leadership offered MP Ticket for Raghavendra Reddy.

Aadala Prabhakar Reddy was the first choice of TDP Leadership for Nellore Lok Sabha Constituency. However, Aadala turned down the offer straightaway due to heavy expenditure and preferred MLA Ticket. Finally, The opportunity was bagged by Bommireddy Raghavendra Reddy.

Minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy who faced defeat in six elections is going to test his luck in Sarvepalli Constituency.