CBN Offers Clarity On TDP-Congress Ties

Fri Jan 11 2019 16:50:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

In 2014 AP Elections, Congress was unable to win a single seat due to the bifurcation. Not much change can be noticed in the situation even after 5 years. Only saving grace is the statement of Rahul Gandhi regarding his first signature on Special Category Status to AP if UPA forms the government. Both TDP and Congress were in a dilemma over alliance after the shocking result in Telangana Assembly Polls. Rahul Gandhi left the decision over alliance to TDP Leadership.

Upon conducting various surveys, Chandrababu Naidu reached a conclusion that it would be better if they TDP and Congress contest separately. He is of the impression that TDP mayn't gain much from the alliance but Congress gets strengthened and the tie-up could eventual help YCP. This is a strategic move to divide the anti-incumbency vote at least to some extent.

Chandrababu Naidu and Rahul Gandhi had reached a conclusion that they should continue to maintain good relations at the national level to fight against Narendra Modi-led BJP. So, It's almost official that TDP would be contesting alone in the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha Polls.