Chandrababu Roams in Capital like Dogs and Goats: Kodali Nani

Wed Nov 27 2019 10:40:13 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

EX TDP leader, current YCP minister Kodali Nani who is in headlines at regular intervals found himself again in controversy. Nani made sensational comments on his ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu. He compared TDP chief to Dogs, goats, and buffaloes.

"Like dogs, goats, buffaloes and several other animals, Chandrababu Naidu too will roam in capital," said Nani."Had Chandrababu was in moon so far and had he just arrived onto earth? Why there is so much ruckus about Naidu's visit?" he asked.

He also asked whether did Naidu succeeded to construct at least 0.1 of Hyderabad in Capital City. He made it clear that in 5 years of ruling Naidu just constructed 4 to 5 buildings that were not even completed.

Nani lashed out at Naidu for cheating people by showing graphic images of the Amaravati and Polavaram project, and in reality, no work was completed there. Nani even said that Naidu continues to shamelessly accuse the ruling government even after losing the elections cheaply.