Chandrababu Sees EVM Goofups Everywhere

Wed Apr 24 2019 13:37:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu's fixation with the EVM hacking seems to be continuing well after the election to his state. He is now going round the country telling the people about "EVM hacking" Recently, he sang the same song in Maharashtra , where he has gone campaigning.  He had also commented about the EVM issues in UP and Kerala, where the polls were held recently.  He said the EVMs had mechanical problems and needed intervention before they began to function. He said. He then added that this was enough to show that the BJP had conspired with the Election Commission to manipulate the results in the EVMs. He wants the voters to believe that if some 300 EVMs (assuming that they were manipulated) were manipulated, the results across the state would be affected. Come to think of it, there were over 50000 EVMs in UP and only 300 had some hiccups. Yet, Chandrababu wants us to believe that these were enough to ensure a BJP victory and UPA defeat.

Interestingly, none of the political parties in these states talked about EVM hacking. Only Akhilesh made a remark that all votes were going into the BJP accounts. But, this time around, we have VVPATS which will confirm that the votes went to intended party. But, Naidu has answer even for that. He wants the VVPAT to show up for 11 seconds instead of 3 seconds. But, many people feel that three seconds time is enough to confirm that the vote went to the intended party. Eleven minutes would cause inordinately long time and would not be of any help. They say Chandrababu's arguments are specious and intended to just rake up controversy.