Chandrababu Still To Come To Terms With Defeat

Sat May 25 2019 18:02:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

The AP election results have shocked and benumbed Chandrababu beyond belief. He is still said to be unable to digest the fact that the people were so pissed off with him and that Jagan is so hugely popular. When some TDP leaders met him, Chandrababu looked quite downcast. He told them he wanted to understand why the people hated his party so much. He is said to have told them that he thought that in the worst case scenario, his party might fall short of a few seats. But, he had never expected  this kind of drubbing. He is said to be asking the party workers who met him as to how and why people believed in Jagan so much and where did the TDP fail in gauging the public mood.

He is also reported to have raised the issue of people's anger against the party leaders at the grassroots level. Some raised the issue of the negative role played by the Janmabhoomi committees and how they alienated the people . He is also said to be of the opinion that Pawan Kalyan, who the TDP expected, would cut the anti-TDP votes, had actually dealt a deadly blow to the TDP prospects.He had actually undercut the TDP votes, he is believed to be telling the TDP workers.

Many leaders have reportedly told him that the YSRCP was far ahead in terms of poll management, while the TDP was miles behind. But, even they are saying that they did not expect this YS Jagan hurricane.