Chandrababu Wants To Erase TDP's Kamma Tag

Fri Jul 05 2019 17:14:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu seems to be working overtime to shrug off the image of being a party of Kammas. Chandrababu feels that this needs to be done urgently to ensure that other communities too own up the party.

Chandrababu is worried that all post-poll analyses and post-mortems have shown that voters belonging to non-Kamma castes have regarded the TDP as a party of Kammas and voted against it. It was also found that the the people at large felt that there was Kamma dominance in the party. Several party functionaries have brought this perception to the notice of Chandrababu.

So, Naidu is now trying to convince the people that the TDP is not a Kamma party. ''If the TDP is a Kamma Party as is being portrayed, then I should not have won from Kuppam,'' he said. Kuppam has over 2 lakh voters and only a 1000 of them are Kammas. Would I have won seven consecutive terms if only Kammas voted for me, he questioned.

He is also said to be working overtime to shrug off this image of TDP being a Kamma Party. This could seriously affect the future prospects of the party in Andhra Pradesh.