My Technology Is Better Than IMD: CBN

Wed Dec 19 2018 13:14:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made shocking comments on Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) while talking about Phethai Cyclone. 'In association with ISRO, I brought a World-class Technology which is far better than that of Indian Meteorological Department. Awair System introduced by Me has fetched wonderful results. While IMD estimated that Phethai would cross the coast between Kakinada-Ongole, My Technology predicted it would be in the Yanam-Tuni region. We are constantly working on the setting the bar high in terms of technology. In future, We would be able to predict how many tree & electric polls will fall. I had successfully faced all the cyclone using technology since the deadly natural calamity that happened 22 years ago. Whereas, Congress Governments failed completely in handling such situations,' he alleged.

TDP Supremo finds nothing wrong in attending the swearing-in ceremonies of Congress CMs when AP was under threat due to Phethai Cyclone. He defended himself saying, 'Even If I am in Jaipur, I will be thinking about the well-being of Andhrites'.

Responding on the speculations that he might be aiming for the top position in the country, Naidu made it clear he isn't aspiring to be the Prime Minister of India.