Plan To Make Devineni Avinash Scapegoat Again

Thu Oct 31 2019 18:08:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Much to the shock of TDP Leadership, Sitting Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi tendered his resignation to the party and also Assembly membership. Party Supremo is now busy identifying the Leader who could lead the cadre in Gannavaram Constituency.

Today, A review meeting was conducted in Gannavaram Segment by the Telugu Desam Party to decide future course of action. Party Workers attended the meeting in huge numbers. They pledged, 'Vamshi might have left, but we will remain loyal and continue in this party itself. We are gonna move ahead as per the directions of Chandrababu Naidu'.

A request placed by the Cadre during the review meeting drew everyone's attention. They appealed TDP Leadership to appoint Devineni Avinash as the in-charge of Gannavaram Constituency.

Looks like, The ground is being prepared to make Devineni Avinash a scapegoat once again. In 2019 Elections, He was allotted Gudiwada Ticket and everyone knew what happened thereafter. And now, There is every possibility of allotting Gannavaram Ticket as the by-election will be happening within six months. Majority of the people who voted for TDP in the recent elections will prefer YCP in the by-poll as they don't want their vote to get wasted. Isn't Devineni Avinash aware of the huge risk involved?