Chandrababu planning emergency party meet on Lokesh issue?

Thu Apr 29 2021 08:48:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Here's a very important news about the TDP. The TDP boss is seriously planning to hold a meeting with key party leaders to discuss future. Yes. With the party's popularity graph plummeting by each passing day, Chandrababu Naidu is worried these days. What is more problematic for him is the growing distance between the seniors in the party and Lokesh Babu.

More importantly, several party biggies are feeling uncomfortable with the goings on in the party. Some have clearly and categorically indicated that they are game for working under Chandrababu but definitely not under a greenhorn like Lokesh. Also, many are worried about the YSRCP's aggressive pursuit of cases against them. Several have already been arrested and many more fear arrests soon. With YSRCP in hot pursuit, these leaders are increasingly feeling that neither the party nor Chandrababu will help them in times of crisis. Hence many of them are looking towards the BJP. They feel that there would no cases if they join the BJP.

If Chandrababu cannot offer protection, we are left with no option but to join the BjP, said a TDP biggie on condition of anonymity. To stem the tide and to decide on future, Chandrababu is said to be planning to hold a key meeting with seniors in a couple of days. The meeting could be held in virtual mode and the date would be finalised soon. The list of invitees too is being readied up, say the sources.