Chandrababu's reaction after Kuppam defeat surprises all

Fri Nov 19 2021 18:48:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Real leaders take defeat in their stride. Remember how Jagan conducted himself after the Nandyal defeat? He said this is the time to take the blows."We will take those blows. But, we too will have our time. We shall come back," he said. The determination and fortitude he showed had won him many advisors.

He staked his personal prestige and campaigned for over 20 days in Nandyal and the defeat was heart-breaking for Jagan. Yet, he reacted stoically and showed that he was prepared to take the defeat in his stride.

See how Chandrababu Naidu is reacting to Kuppam defeat. It was natural to get shattered. After all, the party did not countenance defeat since 1985 and Kuppam stood by him all these years. It was truly shocking for him. But, he left Kuppam instead of staying there to instil courage among the dejected workers. Not just that. He rushed post-haste to Hyderabad.

He asked Yanamala Ramakrishnudu to hold forth and explain the party's defeat. So, Yanamala was forced to address the media meeting and explain why the party lost at Kuppam. This only showed Chandrababu Naidu's weakness as a leader. The party has not also reviewed these reversals in a sincere manner. It was left to the pro-TDP media to discover virtues in defeat and defend Chandrababu.