Chandrababu's social media exuberance not matched by ground situation

Wed Dec 01 2021 17:31:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Suddenly there is a big buzz about the Opposition TDP gaining ground. There are stories after stories on the social media as to how Chandrababu is drawing huge response and as to how the people are rallying behind him. This is also being backed by a section of media that is known to trumpet the TDP line.

There appears to be a concerted attempt to project Chandrababu in a positive manner. These sets of stories say that Chandrababu's stock has gone up ever since he was moved to tears after his wife was mentioned in abusive terms right on the floor of the house. The stories say that the Amaravati issue has become a rallying point for everyone. These stories also claim that his popularity is growing by each passing day.

For the perceptive observers, there is a method behind all this.  A comment made during the running commentary in the house, which is unrecorded, is being used to rally around the supporters. Chandrababu has cleverly brought in the NTR family into all this. The idea behind all this is to arrest the downward spiral of the TDP. Using this, he has managed to rally around TDP supporters and sympathisers.

Using this, a buzz is being created to show that the youth are joining the TDP in a big way and that the online membership is a big hit. Using the pro-TDP media, an attempt is being made to create an impression that the party is reviving. There is only one problem, while the social media is able to whip up a frenzy for the TDP, the actual on-ground report says something totally different. The ex-ministers visiting the rural interiors say that the TDP stock is falling down more rapidly than ever before.