Chandrababu trying hard to get these voter groups on board

Thu Sep 09 2021 17:17:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Internal surveys by Chandrababu Naidu have revealed that his 2019 defeat was mainly due to the youth, farmers and the women moving away from the TDP. The youth were mainly disappointed with the lack of jobs in the state. In fact, Chandrababu rode to power in 2014 on the “Job Kavalante Babu Ravali” slogan. But, when he actually came to power, no jobs were created and unemployment became the biggest source of disquiet among the youth.

At the same time, the farmers were thoroughly alienated from when he backtracked on the issue of loan waiver. During the elections, he promised a one time loan waiver. But, once he came to power, he started implementing the scheme in installments. As a result, the farmers were disenchanted. Similarly, the women too found most of the problems given by Chandrababu remained unfulfilled.YS Jagan identified these three sections and began targeting them with town hall meetings, group-specific meets, catchy slogans and others. This has deeply influenced the targeted sections.  The result? Chandrababu was unseated and Jagan rode to power.

Now two years after losing power, Chandrababu Naidu is getting surveys done to identify the pulse of the people. His studies too have revealed that there is great dissatisfaction among the youth and the unemployed. Hence Chandrababu and the TDP are focusing on these categories. Of late, Nara Lokesh is holding online meetings with the youth and children on issues like joblessness,  postponement of examinations due to Corona and classes during covid time. The response is said to be positive.

Now Chandrababu is said to be trying to project himself as a benefactor of the farmers and the youth. He has pitted his son Lokesh for reaching out to these sections. In both these sections, Chandrababu's personal credibility is very low. So, young Lokesh, whose role in policy formulation till now is minimal, is being projected.  Let's see how successful he would be.