Chandrababu's fake move causing confusion among Kapus

Fri Jul 16 2021 17:58:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP chief Chandrababu's decision during his Chief Ministership to include Kapus In the BCs and giving them 5 per cent reservation from the Economically weaker sections quota has now sown confusion about the status of the Kapu community in Andhra Pradesh.

With an eye on elections and with a view to dupe the Kapu community, Chandrababu Naidu got a resolution passed in the AP assembly giving 5 per cent reservation from the 10 per cent EWS quota. This was done at the fag end of his term ahead of elections. He had forwarded the resolution to the Central Government, which promptly rejected it saying that the State has no right to do so. The EWS quota was meant for the economically weaker sections from the Upper Castes. Many cases too were filed against the Government's decision.

Chandrababu knew well that the Centre would reject his claim. But he tried to claim martyrdom and thought he would get the Kapu vote en block for his party. However, the voters, including Kapus rejected him outright. But the confusion about the Kapu's status continued to remain. There were questions as to whether they were BCs or forward castes.  

Now, some Kapu organisations are demanding that they be given 5 per cent reservations promised by Chandrababu Naidu. They are making this demand regardless of the of the fact that the Central government has rejected this resolution outright. Quite interestingly, some Kapu leaders known to be close to the Telugu Desam Party are making these demands. These demands are coming up after YS Jagan has issued a GO to implement the 10 per cent EWS quota.