Change in BJP's tone worries YSRCP

Fri Jul 22 2022 13:30:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

There seems to be a sudden change in the way the BJP is dealing with the ruling YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. Till the presidential elections were over, the BJP did not talk about contentious issues and criticise the YSRCP. The BJP needed the support of the YSRCP to get its candidate Draupadi Murmu elected as the Rashtrapati. Once the polling was over, the tone has changed.

The BJP has now begun criticising the YSRCP government. It has attacked the government on the issue of taking loans. A special presentation was made at the all-party meeting, where the state government was singled out. The Centre said that the state was indiscriminately borrowing and that this does not bode well for the state.

Shockingly, the Central Government compared the financial situation in AP to that of Sri Lanka, which has gone bankrupt. The TDP MPs present at the all-party meeting, including MP Ayodhya Rami Reddy and Reddappa, immediately raised objections and sought to know how AP could be compared with Sri Lanka.

Barely a day after, Central minister Piyush Goel targeted the state government and said that there were lot of loopholes in the PDS rice distribution.   He also accused the state government led by YS Jagan of not distributing the central government's component of rice. He threatened to stop the distribution of rice to the state.

The YSRCP leaders have taken note of the situation. These comments have become hot tipics of debate within the party. The party leaders feel that the BJP will get more aggressive in the days to come as it does not need YSRCP's support anymore. The party leaders are debating on how to counter the BJP blitzkrieg.